Our Founders



  • Creativity is all about belief in oneself. Art is just an expression of that confidence”

    A National Fellowship Award Winner, Laxmikanth has been a well-renowned artist as he has participation in National exhibitions have earned him great laurels. Laxmikanth has been an inspiration for many budding artists and has mentored many students to pursue arts.

    Laxmikanth has the credit of being referred and applauded by legendary artists across India.

    Laxmikanth is a BFA (Painting) in JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad in the year 2010.

    Laxmikanth also went to pursue his MFA (Graphic Art) from the M.S. University, Baroda, Gujarat in 2013. Having the boon of coming from the village famous for Pochampally Silks, Laxmikanth’s inclination towards arts was identified by his parents, who encouraged him to be an artist.

    Laxmikanth’s inborn abilities have always been with colours and has been considered a colour mixing specialist. Laxmikanth has ever since participated in numerous exhibitions displaying his talent for painting and has won awards at Domestic and National levels. With also a professional certification in weaving, Mr. Laxmikanth has always been passionate about Teaching. With an experience of teaching and training over 500 students in painting and craft, Laxmikanth takes great pride in being a teacher. Be it Drawing, Painting, Art & Craft, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Water Colours, Traditional Paintings, with teaching, Laxmikanth believes in reconnecting and rediscovering the inner self therefore replenishing creativity always. Laxmikanth’s vision is to bring value to people’s lives by helping them access the artist in them.


    Being an artist make you unique. And unique individuals contribute to the society”

    An artist inclined towards sculpture making, Srikanth Peddi went on to achieve laurels in his career. A BFA, JNTU Sculpture Department, Srikanth Peddi was considered one of the best artists at college and has participated in many competitions and exhibitions, therefore excelling in what he does best.

    Hailing from a humble background, a weaver family, Srikanth Pedi comes from a village famous for Pochampally Skills. With the advantage of hailing from a weavers family, Srikanth went ahead to learn multiple art forms, therefore helping him chisel his craft better. Srikanth’s realization of his artistry gave him satisfaction, happiness and over all a name for himself.

    Srikanth’s expertise is at Indian Mythological Sculptures and has been hailed by one and all, at various exhibitions across the country. Srikanth has been a passionate teacher alongside his brother Laxmnikanth and has gone on to teach many students the beauty of sculpting. With all the experience behind him, Srikanth has earnestly earned himself reputation and value with which he wishes to contribute to the society.