About Us

  •  Welcome to the beautiful world of LANA

    Lucky are the artists for the world is their canvas and their imagination is the doorway to ultimate happiness“

    Painting is not just about splashing colours artistically on the canvas and endlessly creating wonderful things, but it has to truly be a reflection of inner self. Which is why, painting skills has been today considered by researchers as crucial at a tender age, as it helps mould their personalities better.

    At LANA, we believe painting is a mandatory skill. Painting is a pre-requisite skill as it’s a wonderful expression to connect with the inner self resulting in self-expression.  In the modern times, everything is all about speed and pace towards career growth, and ironically, little time is spent towards harnessing the self. And therefore the power of concentration and the passion for life is ultimately on the decline; by learning art and nurturing design aesthetics, we wish to cultivate a healthy culture amongst everybody.  LANA is founded by award winning artists Laxmikanth Peddi and Srikanth Peddi, who are also passionate teachers.

    LANA – Learn Art. Nurture Aesthetics – The Art of being an Artist is achieved when there is a deep passion within for colours and designs. At LANA, our teaching methodology is psychological as we infuse the passion in students by making them realize the beauty of painting and the wonderfulness of what they can achieve. Besides knowing the art of painting, students need to know the art of design and colour aesthetics which together makes one a complete artist.

    LANA – Painting like Meditation. Painting is not just art, it’s a spiritual process, just like any other creative related field. It’s important to feel from within what one needs to reflect on the canvas or else it’s just sheer splashing of colours.  Is why at LANA, we call everything an experience, be it the stroke, the line, the drawings, the designs, the colours, every finesses and detail is a holistic experience.